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My Unconventional Travel Tips & Products I Love

My Unconventional Travel Tips & Products I Love

Traveling is my favorite thing to do. Ever! I love airports because it means we’re going on an adventure. I love new foods, experiences, views and cultures and I think traveling is the best way to do it.

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I start packing about a month before we leave because I’m super excited and because I’m super uptight and I need extra time to organize and purchase things I may need. This isn’t your typical list of tips, tricks and products.. We travel just a few times a year but I’ve found some routine and perhaps unconventionally tips that have kept this crazy mom sane.

Probiotics. Before we go anywhere, I always start the whole family on probiotics about a week before we leave. They come in pills and liquids but I like the gummies. There is nothing worse than being sick while on vacation. When we were in the Dominican, I got so sick that I had to miss out on swimming with dolphins!! Never again. This helps get the good bacteria in the stomach and helps with digestion. Some come with vitamin C and zinc too to boost your immune system.

Sunscreen. I will be packing five sunscreens with me, each with a different purpose. I am a sunscreen Nazi. It’s true that Andrew and I have had full-on fights about sun protection. I don’t joke around with it.

  • The aerosol can. This is my least favorite. It’s hard to see where it’s going, blows away in the wind and so I feel it’s least effective. BUT, it’s the easiest and really the only kind Andrew will use so we take it.

  • Spray for the boys. This isn’t an aerosol can but it has the spritz spray which makes it easier to apply on moving children. The wax sticks are on my list to try.

  • Lotion for the boys. Although I hate the thickness of it and it’s hard to rub in, I think it’s most effective against the sun.

  • Lotion for my face. I love this stuff. I put it on every morning. It says it’s tinted but it’s so light that I can’t really tell. My face is pretty sensitive so this light formula feels good on the skin especially in the heat.

  • Powder protection. I LOVE this!! It’s amazing that I can brush it over my face and not ruin my makeup. It’s great for touch ups throughout the day and I use it on the boys when I’m in a rush. It’s small and I always carry it in my purse.

A cheap watch. I love my Apple watch but that thing has no business being in the heat, humidity or water and I’m not about to pack another charger. I bought mine on sale for $8 at Walmart so it’s okay if sand gets stuck in it or if I lose it. With tours and airplanes to catch, time is important- even on vacation! I wear it in the pool and the ocean and I can even turn on the light when it’s dark out so I don’t have to whip out my phone every time. (I linked a similar one)

Plastic bags. I pack a few grocery bags and roll them up nice and small. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had poopy diapers, throw up on shirts or just a bunch of trash lying around. It’s nice to have these handy.

Pack sideways. I’m sure some people do this already but I just started and it is amazing so I thought I’d share. Instead of packing things in stacks, I pack them on their side so I can see everything. I don’t have to mess with piles. I see a lot of people have these packing cubes, but I haven’t purchased them.

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Travel east. I know this is a weird one but I absolutely HATE traveling west with kiddos!! We took the boys to Vegas and California a few times and even the one-hour change is difficult. We attended a Warriors game that started at 8 which meant 9PM Utah time. Needless to say, Chase was miserable and tired and I felt awful. And then he was up at like 6AM. So if I have a say, I try really hard to travel east. This way, since we’re on vacation, the boys can stay up later, wake up later and when we get back home, they’re still on the same schedule. When the boys get older, I promise I won’t care as much.

Keep them busy. We try REALLY hard to stay away from screens when traveling. Maybe when they’re a bit older we’ll allow it some more but right now, we like to fill their time with other things. Thankfully, Grey sleeps through most flights as it’s harder for him to stay still. But when they’re awake, we purchased these few things to keep them busy on the flights.

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  1. Water Coloring No mess and they can do it over and over.

  2. Sticker Books This keeps Chase busy for hours and I love that the stickers are reusable and again, there’s no mess.

  3. Memory Game Chase is getting pretty good at this game. I HATE having a ton of pieces that we could lose so I love this!

  4. Coloring book This also keeps Chase busy for hours. They have triangular shaped crayons so they don’t roll on the tray table, but I haven’t purchased them.

  5. Cars and action figures. It bothers me that they insist on taking these because we’re bound to lose at least two, but the kids insist.

  6. Snacks! Some of our favorite snacks include: popcorn, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit leathers and Goldfish.

    Last, I’d like to share some of my favorite products I take on trips.

    1. Deodorant This smells amazing! Coconut anything always smells like summer.

    2. Waver For the loose beach-looking waves and/or when I don’t feel like doing much to my hair.

    3. Jergens Natural Glow This stuff is amazing!! I use it when I want some extra color on my arms or legs. Leading up to the trip, I used this on my white upper thighs and butt (Summer tan lines) so I don’t look too crazy in a swimsuit. I love it and the color is great.

    4. Lip Treatment It’s supposed to be used for sleep but I use it as my lip balm all day. The berry smell is fantastic!

    5. Dry Shampoo Again, I love the tropical smell of this one, plus it doesn’t leave the white residue. It’s cheap too!

    6. Face Coverage I don’t usually wear a ton of makeup on beach trips but I like this one because it’s oil free, super light, has SPF and other goodness. I’ll sometimes mix it with lotion to thin it even more.

    7. Rose Water Spray I’m packing this baby on the flight with me. People love it and I’ve been using his sprays for a while. I’m not sure if it really works but I’m trying it!

    Happy and safe travels!


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