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Update On My List- Part 2

Update On My List- Part 2

The list continues from this post

I’ve been working hard on checking off my list for the year!

7. Relax during a spa day.

I for sure need to plan this!! When we were in Mexico, I got an amazing massage and hydration therapy which was a sauna, steam room, hot tub and aromatherapy. I’d love to have a whole experience like that again… maybe this time with a hot, naked man. (Andrew, of course.)

The best pic my mom took of me at the spa.

The best pic my mom took of me at the spa.

8. Read three good books

The first book I read was The Miracle Morning which I think is my new favorite book. My friend, Alexis, recommended it and it was amazing! I started implementing some of the practices and I had a friend tell me that my soul looked more, “glowy.” I need to be more consistent on getting up early and start practicing those things again. It really was a life-changer. I felt more calm, organized and invincible. It’s a great read!

Miracle Morning.JPG

The second good book I read was Mrs. Kennedy & Me. Oh how I love the Kennedy’s. I’m not so much interested in his/their political careers, but I’m infatuated with their celebrity. I find their lives so fascinating. And Jackie! She’s the definition of grace and class. I want to be her. This was an amazing book written by one of Jackie’s Secret Service men and goes into detail of their trips and her spontaneity and love of traveling, horses, history and the arts. It was a great read.

Mrs. Kennedy.JPG

The third book I read was The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand. It’s a fictional story about a death and the secrets of a family. It was intense and I stayed up late a few nights but ultimately was disappointed by the ending. Nonetheless, it was a good book.

Pefect Couple.JPG

he Wife Between Us. This is a suspense and I’m already halfway in. After this, I’m thinking of a really good, light-hearted chick lit book! Now that I’ve gotten into reading, I feel strange when I’m not on a good book.

Wife Between Us.JPG

9. Read a sexy book

Oh boy… I’m in need of some recommendations here. Go easy. So many people have suggested Fifty Shades of Grey and maybe I’ll eventually get there, but I have heard stories of beatings, attempted murder, shoving things in places and that’s too x-rated for me. I’m looking for something with dry humping and heavy petting.

10. Make treats for Andrew’s bball team

Done and done! I usually deliver some kind of treat to every game I go to. My recipes were slacking this year so I’ll have to up my game. Send some good recipes!

11. Girls Night

Still on my list. I’m not sure what kind of girls night I’d like to do but I’m open. I’m not sure if I want to go crazy and experience all the things I didn’t get to in my 20’s, go to a concert, or have a fun night in. Either way, I just want a night where I surround myself with ladies and talk about men, periods and The Bachelorette. But I should probably start with making some friends first…


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