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Best Friends

Best Friends

Admittedly, it took about two days after birth before I really bonded with each of my boys. Some mothers bond in the womb, but for me it took a couple days to realize how much love, care, worry and connection I truly had with him.

Twenty weeks pregnant with Chase.

Twenty weeks pregnant with Chase.

For Andrew, he bonded with Chase from the minute he heard his heartbeat. Right away, he was in love. He went to all of my appointments with me, would feel his hiccups, rub my belly, watch him move and talk to Chase all the time.

Chase was born after 28 grueling hours of labor. His head was shaped like an alien, face looked flat, hairy as an gorilla, and wrinkly, but he was the sweetest thing ever. Andrew was the first to hold his new best friend.

Bond 7.jpg
Bond 6.jpg
Bond 8.jpg

At the time, Andrew’s job allowed him to watch Chase three days a week. As you can see from the photos, they always took their naps together. (Scan right)

Andrew loved to dress them alike.

Bond 12.jpg
Bond 17.jpg

They really are the best of friends. When I asked Chase if he could stay little forever, he yelled at me and said, “No because I have to grow up to be like Daddy!”

Bond 16.jpg
Bond 19.jpg
Bond 32.jpg

Most of all, they love to play together. Andrew could play Army, Power Rangers, Greatest Showman, football and basketball for hours.


It’s neat to see the love Andrew has for Chase. But as Chase is getting older, you can start to see the love and admiration he has for his dad.

Bond 31.jpg
Bond 30.jpg

I’m a distant second when it comes to the favorite. A couple months ago Chase told me, “Now that Daddy’s gone, I love you a lot.”

Bond 34.jpg

The photo above is my favorite picture of the two. It describes their relationship perfectly. Chase has to be just like his daddy. They both hate mustard and Michigan and Andrew couldn’t be prouder.

We can’t wait for him to come home…


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