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Hola Mexico!

Hola Mexico!

We took a trip to Cancun after Christmas with my family and the boys. We had planned this trip in July, about a month before we found out Andrew was leaving on a deployment. We had cancelled another trip we had planned in October but when we went to cancel Mexico, Andrew told us that we should go so the boys don’t miss out and that, “Life still has to go on.”

It was difficult heading there because of the guilt. I felt bad enjoying the beach and family time while Andrew is thousands of miles away, alone and missing out. But we definitely made the most of it and enjoyed our time there. We plan to be back with Andrew next time.

MX 3.jpeg

It was a four-hour flight with an additional hour on the runway so they could melt the ice off. Thankfully, my boys are amazing on planes! Grey always falls asleep and Chase spent the entire time coloring his NBA book.

MX 17.jpeg
MX 4.jpg

The resort was gorgeous but the pools were absolutely freezing!

MX 8.jpg

This was right behind our building.

MX 25.jpg

We only spent a little time on the beach. Grey is terrified of the sand.

MX 22.jpg

Hammocks alway seem like a good idea…

MX 24.jpg
MX 7.jpg

We spent most of the time lounging by the pool.

MX 9.jpg

This photo describes motherhood.

MX 6.jpg

Finally, we got one!


This kid belongs poolside.

MX 15.jpeg

We made a pit stop in Playa Del Carmen for some souvenirs. I’m not sure why my mom has a coat on when it’s 80 degrees.

MX 20.jpg

I just like Grey’s pouty face in this photo. Two men were wearing masks and it scared him.

MX 10.jpg

We were headed off to dinner.

MX 11.jpg

All inclusive means you eat ice cream twice a day everyday. You can see the chocolate on my hand from a crepe I had before the cone. YOLO.


Best friends!

MX 12.jpg

One boy was dancing, one was working on his basketball moves.


This little cheeser!


The family minus Andrew.


We said goodbye to Mexico and came home to 20 degrees in Utah!

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Body Image

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